Initially intended for additional support for the building was the main purpose of columns and pillars. However, today they are also commonly used mainly for decoration instead of architectural purposes.

Highlight Your Project

All through history, columns on the exterior of a structure have been a prominent feature of traditional architecture.

Increase Curb Appeal

Exterior columns tend to be aesthetically appealing as well as improving a home’s outdoor design and landscaping. They may increase curb appeal, along with polishing a home’s front entrance and/or outdoor patio. These types of visually pleasing columns can easily be personalized using a variety of styles, colors and/or finishes, in order to enhance the structure’s design and boost the home’s charm. They likewise offer a naturally elegant passage from the patio to the yard. Columns or pillars are one of only a few structural components which can easily be ornamented. They are frequently adorned with garland, lighting, flowers and/or ivy. This can easily provide the columns extra personality as well as a distinctive appearance.

Cost Effective Design

A substantial number of covered patios have pillars supporting the roofing.Yet plenty of builders conserve funds through selecting styles and finishing components that are usually strictly structural, which in turn may lead to a somewhat dull completed appearance. There are numerous methods to correct this problem, and there are generally possibilities for everybody’s price range.


Column Covers

Offered in a great variety of options, column covers can easily enhance the appearance of exterior pillars without having to completely replace them. Quite a few of these products and solutions are available in pieces which encase the pillar, anchored with powerful adhesive or nails, or even in a sheet which wraps around the pillar. Depending upon your columns, you might have to buy a customized size. Although more costly than alternative choices, column covers can easily completely make over your porch.

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